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Are you firefighting instead of running  your  business?

Be honest -which of these images represents how  you  feel your days are spent?

Is every day a crisis when you don’t have time  to get to the real issues?  

Classic Management (UK) Limited will win you  the time to prioritise what you want to be doing  and ensure your business is under control



  You probably know what you should be doing - but sometimes you need reassurance,   guidance,support and input from experienced advisors.

  For some business owners this is the first time they have experienced the challenges facing them -   and choosing the right option  is vital.

  Classic Management (UK) Limited will work with you

  At your choice we can commit  to regular ongoing support - for example working as a Non-   Executive Director - or we can simply be alongside you through a particular project or opportunity.

  Our expertise allows you to introduce modern management skills and capability which you can   access immediately and use for as long as you choose